Client Visit

Land Visit

An Initial meeting is scheduled with the client preferably at the site where the construction / renovation is planned to get a better understanding of

  • landscape features
  • Existing buildings
  • Entrance and access points
  • Accessibility
  • Sun & wind path
  • Soil / ground condition
  • Light Levels etc.

All these will be documented along with photographs.


Requirement collection & Feasibility Check


An outline of the needs are collected from the client. This might happen over multiple sessions and then we work to ensure that the requirements are achievable by checking what all elements are required and if this is affordable,.


Design Concepts & Cost Estimates


At this stage we provide our customers with details regarding the various design concept opportunities feasible for that particular site and help them decide the most appropriate design solution along with the Rough Budget


Floor Plan & Commercials

Kiara architecture Floor Plan

In this phase the floor plan is provided to showcase the house format. Based on the customer demand we provide the following floor plan formats or a combination of these

  • 2D Floor Plan
  • 2D Textured
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • 3D Videos

Once we finalise on the plan the final budget for project completion is provided.


Technical Design

Technical Design

The concept design is converted into a technical one for the contractors to start work. All the documentations for our project approvals by the building authorities are handled at this phase. Once the project plan is sanctioned the details are transferred to the construction team for development.




This phase involves the development of the project. The various stages involved are Site Preparation, Foundation, Wall and Roof Structure, Roofing, External Finishes, Windows & Doors, Cabinets, fixtures & Fittings etc.


Key HandOver

Key Handover

This is the most exciting stage where all the final inspection of the project is done by all the team members involved and the client is taken through the entire structure for feedback to ensure user satisfaction.


Maintenance / Phase 2


In Certain projects post occupancy evaluation is done and there might be certain elements that has been kept for the second phase of development. On reviewing all the necessary changes are made as agreed and the next stage of development starts.