Even though everyone has a different approach for their house construction the basic stages / steps are the same. So let's take a look at the various stages involved in house construction which will help you plan your project in a more efficient manner.

Broadly classified into 3 major stages

STAGE 1: Initiation & Planning

  • Identifying Land
  • Selecting Vendors - Architect, Builder, Architectural Firm
  • Finalise Design Concept and Floor Plan
  • Obtain Building Permit

STAGE2 : Execution & Monitoring

  • Foundation & Structure

  • Finishing & Fittings - Flooring, Painting, carpentry, electrical & Plumbing

  • Interior Designing

STAGE 3 : Completion

  • Completion Certificate from Municipality / Corporation

  • Tax Payment 

  • Building Numbering

  • Utility Connection conversion to Domestic

STAGE 1: Initiation & Planning

Identifying Land


Choosing the right location might sound simple but then it's one of the most important steps that can drastically impact everything in the entire process.

The amenities, neighborhood, geographical features, sunlight etc are few things that need to be considered while selecting the location. Do your homework and connect with realtors in your locality. In case you are new to a particular area contact some renowned architectural firms and they can advise you on the locality.

Before proceeding with Registration please check for the following

  • Title Deed - to check the seller is the rightful owner of the whole property
  • If it's an Agricultural Property. If yes then building permission
  • Release and Encumbrance Certificate - to check if it is mortgaged with a bank and to be sure that there are no legal holds on the property.

Selecting Vendor


Based on the level of engagements / expertise needed you can either proceed with separate agreements for architects and builders or hire an architectural firm who can handle all the aspects from design to final completion.

It's always better to engage experts as they bring along their years of experience and expertise that adds a lot of value to the entire process.

Finalise Design Concept, Floor Plan

Home Design

Once we have the team on board the next step is to discuss and finalise the requirement set along with one of the following design concepts

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Futuristic

The floor plans [2D / 3D], elevations etc are designed and if required you can request for 3D videos, which provides the look and feel even before its build. The floor plan is sketched in accordance with the building rules based on the locality.

Once this is done the next step is to check if the land can handle the load of the building by conducting soil tests. The result of these determines the type of foundation and structure required for the building

Obtain Building Permit

Building Permit

Submit the following to the local authority along with an application form to get the building permit

  • Site Plan
  • Building Plans
  • Possession Certificate
  • Ownership document / Title Deed
  • Latest tax Receipt
  • Undertaking from Engineer / Architect
  • Licence Certificate Copy

STAGE2 : Execution & Monitoring

Foundation & Structure


This marks the starting of construction phase. Based on the soil test result piling is done if required. In case piling is not required we move on to the foundation and then one of the following structural designs as suggested by the Structural Engineer.

  • Frame structure
  • Pillar Beam Structure

This is followed by the construction of walls, windows/ door frames, lintel level concrete, roof concrete etc.

Finishing & Fitting


The most commonly used flooring materials are

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Vitrified Tiles
  • Marbles
  • Granite
  • Wood
  • Natural Stone


Paint color is more than a visual experience. Choice of colors can change the size and shape of the room as well as that of the furnishing. Room colors can influence your moods and emotions. So consult with your designers on the various color combinations and their effects.

Selection of colors is a personal choice, so choose once that suits your family and lifestyle


The plumbing system is composed of

  • Supply System
  • Drainage System

A plumbing drawing is a technical drawing providing visual representations and information related to the plumbing system. During blockage a detailed plumbing drawing enables the plumber to spot an issue, which otherwise might be difficult and saves time and money.


While paying attention to Floor plans, structural drawing and elevation designs, Electrical drawings are often the most ignored before constructing a house. A planned electrical drawing will provide the following advantages

  • Right power balancing
  • Planned material usage which saves money
  • Ensure all safety norms and procedures are being followed
  • Avoid External wires for new equipment installation

So ensure that you have the electrical drawings with you before starting your house construction.


Interiror Design

Based on your needs an interior designer evaluates the space and provides the most effective solution for optimal usage of space and keeping in mind your likes, dislikes, budget etc.

Based on the type of engagement designers take care of every detail of the space like positioning of accessories, lightings , furnitures, wall colors, gardens etc and help you transform your home.

There are also readymade packages available now for:

  • Individual rooms / Living space
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Modular Wardrobes and Storage Solutions

This is followed by the construction of walls, windows/ door frames, lintel level concrete, roof concrete etc.

STAGE 3 : Completion

Completion / HandOver

In this stage we need to ensure that the following documents are ready

  • Completion Certificate - issued by municipality / corporation after inspection.
  • Tax Payments - the building tax to be made at the respective local office based on the location of the building
  • Building Number
  • Conversion of utility connection to domestic.

This isn't an easy process but not that difficult also if you have a proper plan and engage the right resources. Do you research and contact us in case you need any assistance.